This part is dedicated to Rob Keeble and his tremendous work with the site Emulatorarchive.

Emulatorarchive did contained lots of useful information about E-mu Systems synths and samplers.

Anyway, this section is a recreation of his pages that dealt with Emax and Emulator 4 series.

Rob Keeble runs nowadays a small business called AMSynths which producing hardware synthezisers.

Why do I put the old website Emulator Archive?

I have owned my Emax Plus for over 20 years, I bought it brand new about 1991. Other Emu samplers I’ve owned is the ESi-32, E6400 classic and the E5000 Ultra. I was also mentioned on Emulatorarchives website as technical support for Emax and ESi-32.

After the E-mu Systems was acquired by Creative Emu has stopped almost all support in their old samplers. Emulator Archive was the most complete information page E-mu Systems samplers and their ROM players.


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