Emax II, Diagnostics (Magic Mode)

Diagnostics and Trims The Emax II is made up of hundreds of components. Luckily E-mu Systems have provided a diagnostic mode within the Operating System to help troubleshooting, when something goes wrong. Download the manual for detailed information.

Emax II Diagnostics

Enter The Magic Code Active module 9 (Special), then activate the sub module 1 higher than the last visible choice (This is usually 9).
The LCD will show “EMAX2DIAGNOSTICS Enter the Code”.

Go ahead and enter numeric 3629.

The display will now show “EMAX2DIAGNOSTICS [1 – 6 } Slider”.

Diagnostic Submodules There are 9 submodules that can be selected and exited in the normal way:

1. Processor RAM check
2. Sound RAM Test (useful)
3. Serial Test
4. Write Verify Test of the Floppy Drive (useful)
5. Verify Floppy Test (useful)
6. Panel Tests (useful)
7. Adjust Features (useful)
8. Hard Disk Diagnostics (use with care)
9. Serial Number (not implemented)

Adjust Features This facility is for resetting the EPROM values including the size of installed memory. When installing new memory a code has to be entered into the Emax II to enable the new memory size. These codes can be obtained from E-mu Systems.


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