Emax II, Sampling Librarys

Overview The price reductions in SCSI CDROM players, and the new larger memory Emax II quickly attracted sample CDROM makers. Unlike the original Emax, which although having a RS422 CDROM interface never attracted sample designer interest on CDROM. At least five companies produced sample CDROM’s in native Emax II format.

E-mu Systems Library E-mu Systems provided four factory CDROM’s for the Emax II, these were called the Elements of Sound. Each CDROM was sold at $199 – they are no longer available. These sample CDROM’s are also available in EIII format (Volumes 1 and 2 are still available new from E-mu Systems in EIIIx format).

emucd1Volume 1 This CDROM contains 99 banks of 1 MB each. There is a wide range of sounds, all originating from the Emax factory sample library.

emucd2Volume 2 This CDROM contains 94 banks of 1 – 2 MB each. The samples provide both acoustic and synthesizer sounds, as well as some samples created using Spectral Synthesis. Many sounds are from the Emax Gold Series.

emucd3Volume 3 This CDROM contains 87 banks of 4 MB each. Pianos, Woodwind, brass and percussion and SFX are all featured.

emucd4Volume 4 This CDROM contains 44 banks of 8 MB. The samples include SFX, stringed Ethnic, Wind and String Instruments.

Downloads Since Emu no longer sells Emax library, you can download almost whole library here. The files are divided into 3 files of 100MB each in .ez2 formats for EMXP.


How to download?
1) click on the file you want to download
2) click on “Arkiv” (Swedish for File)
3) select “Hämta” (Swedish for Download)
4) Save or Save As on your computer

The EMXP program can be found at: http://www.emxp.net/

NorthStar CDROM’s  There are three Emax II CDROM’s available from North Star.nothstar

Max Volume 1 This CDROM contains 99 banks of 1 and 4MB. Guitars, Percussion, Bass, Strings, Vocals are featured.

Max Volume 2  This CDROM contains 99 banks of 1 and 4MB. Orchestra and Ethnic samples are featured.

Max Volume 3  This CDROM contains 99 banks of 1 and 4MB. A wide range of synthesizers are featured, including PPG, Fairlight, M1, D50, ARP and Moog.

Invision CDROM’s
There are two Invision Lightware CDROM’s, originally priced at $99. The company went under in the mid 90’s.

  • Volume 1 – Pop Instruments
  • Volume 2 – Classical Instruments

Reflective Arts International Two CDROM libraries were produced by OMI under the Reflective Arts International name in 1990/91.

refelectartsUniverse of Sounds There are four CDROM’s in this series covering 400 sample banks from Sound FX to Orchestra. This sample library was originally produced for the original Emax in 1987, and it was available on one CDROM, the Universe of Sounds Volume 1. All these 16-bit samples are therefore around 1MB in size, and they can be saved in Emax format and used in an Emax. This is an excellent library for the Emax II.

Volume 1 – Sound Effects
This CDROM contains 100 banks (200 MB). There are Aircarft, Background Ambience, Combat, Vehicles and Music.

Volume 2 – Sound Effects
This CDROM contains 100 banks (200 MB). There are Automobiles, Crowds, Vocals and Industrial.

Volume 3 – Percussion, Rock & Ethnic
This CDROM contains 100 banks (200 MB). There are Keyboards, Guitars, Ethnic, Drums, and Combination sample banks.   shop online now »

Volume 4 – Orchestra Plus 
This CDROM contains 100 banks (200 MB). There are Keyboards, Brass, Flutes, Orchestral Strings and Percussion.     shop online now »

Sonic Images There are two CDROM’s in this series covering over 150 sample banks from Sound FX to choirs and pads.

Volume 1 – Percussion & Musical Effects This CDROM contains 67 banks of 2 and 4 MB. There are 12 drum kits, assorted drums and percussion, 4 pianos, 9 strings, 24 effects, as well as guitars and hits.

shop online now »
Volume 2 – Stack Sounds 
This CDROM contains 94 banks of 2 and 4 MB. The samples provide both acoustic and synthesised sounds, ranging from bass and choirs, to pads and vibrant strings.

GreytsoundsThere is one Emax II CDROM available from Greytsounds.

Best of Everything  This CDROM contains 100 banks of between 1 and 3 MB. This CD has over 400 MB of samples, which include Bass, Drums and Percussion, Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, Pianos, Vintage Keyboards, Synthesizers, Guitars, Vocals, Sound Effects, Fairlights. All samples were digitally recorded and edited on Macintosh Computers using Alchemy, Sound Designer, and Infinity software to normalize gain, loop, tune, truncate & EQ. Available from NorthStar.

18 thoughts on “Emax II, Sampling Librarys

  1. WOW THX A LOT !!!

  2. Hi, this library sounds are compatible with E-mu Emax I? thanks and regards

  3. hey , thanks for sharing
    but i dont get it, is volume4 missing ?

  4. I get the error “No emax could be found in the current folder,(/images) I try to change the folder in exmp to images again and still it cant find the files and the extension is correct .ez2, what could possibly be wrong?

  5. Never mind, I found the samples now thc anyway 🙂

  6. Hi, cannot open the ez2 files with EMXP v3.06

  7. Does anybody know where i can buy the Universe of Sound Libraries. I cant find any as a download or on ebay…
    Thx for any help!

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