Emax, Adverts

Emax SE. The creativity of synthesis.
The realism of sampling.
The power of intelligent design.

emax se

The Synthesis Enhanced Emax SE. An instrument that combines the realism of sampling with the creative flexibility of advanced digital synthesis. An instrument that invites you to explore a new realm of sonic possibilities.

The Emax SE starts with all the features that have made the Emax the most powerful sampler in its class. Superb sound. Versatile processing and editing functions. And a sound library renowned for its size and quality. Then it adds Spectrum Interpolation Digital Synthesis a unique form of additive synthesis that takes advantage of the Emax’s computing power and flexible voice architecture to give you the sound creation capabilities of sampled wave synthesizers. Without confining you to a limited selection of factory supplied waves or sampled attacks.

Using Spectrum Synthesis, you can quickly and intuitively create your own library of dynamic wave timbres. Once synthesized, a timbre can be combined with a sampled attack or another timbre to create a voice which you can further shape with the Emax SE’S complement of analog and digital processors. The results are sounds of extraordinary richness and complexity. Sounds that you can only create with the sampling and synthesis power of the Emax SE.

The Emax SE also provides a selection of true Digital Signal Processing (DSP) functions. With Transform Multiplication you can digitally combine the harmonic spectra of two samples to create a new class of sounds. Or use Digital Sample Rate Conversion and Digital Pitch Conversion to manipulate sample data and optimize memory usage.

The Emax SE, like the standard Emax, is available in keyboard and rack versions and with an optional internal 20 megabyte hard drive for virtually instant access to the equivalent of 36 sound disks. It includes an RS-422 interface for high speed communication with graphic editing programs like Sound Designer and Alchemy and compatibility with Optical Media’s CD-ROM system, offering an incredible 4000 presets on a single optical disc. And since the Emax system was designed for expansion, not obsolescence, current Emax owners may easily upgrade their instruments to HD and/or SE capabilities.

Ask your E-mu Systems dealer for a demonstration of the new Emax SE and hear the power of intelligent design at work.


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