Emax, Diagnostics

Diagnostics and Trims The Emax is a powerful and complex instrument. To service the Emax you need to be familiar with 7400 TTL digital logic, floppy disk drives, ADC’s and DAC’s, op-amps, as well as microprocessor troubleshooting. Luckily E-mu Systems have provided a diagnostic mode within the Operating System to help trouble- shooting, when something goes wrong. Download the manual for detailed information on diagnosing a problem and performing the factory test of functionality.

Manual: Emax Diagnostics

Diagnostics Vary by OS Version The Emax OS was expanded from 1985 – 88 to provide support for new hardware and software features, the diagnostics also expanded over time too. So the access rountines and functionality depends on OS version. A “magic code” was necessary for later models.

Base Emax Diagnostics If you have a basic Emax then the diagnostics can be accessed by the following procedure:

Active module 8 (Special), then activate the sub module 2 higher than the last visible choice (this is usually 8). The LCD will show

Go ahead and enter Y. The display will now show:
( 1 – 7 }  Slider

Emax SE Diagnostics  The Emax SE procedure is as follows:

Active module 9 (Special), then activate the sub module 1 higher than the last


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