Emax, Repairs

OverviewThe Emax is a reasonably reliable product but you may encounter problems now it is almost 30 years old. The main problem areas are the PSU, the keyboard and the LCD. Some parts are simply impossible to locate, such as housings etc.

Warning Please only attempt a repair yourself if you are competent at servicing electronics, use a service centre if in doubt. The Emax is easily damaged or melted by amateur attempts at repair.

Parts To find replacement parts, my advice to first turn to Eprelectronics
They have all kinds of spare parts for most of the Emu system’s hardware samplers etc.

LCD Overview The Emax uses a 16×2 character LCD with an EL backlight. When new the display is bright blue with grey/black characters. The LCD does fade dramatically over time, and the backlight can fail or the inverter that drives it can fail too. E-mu Systems used a variety of LCD manufacturers

Keyboard Emax keyboard is of the same type as Ensoniq ESQ-1 has.
Keys can be ordered from Syntaur Productions website

Floppy drive The Emax floppy drive was orginally a NEC, but later models have a Mitsubishi Full Height 3.5″ MF353B – 12 UJ or MF353BA – 12U.

Hard drive The Emax HD uses a 20 MB SCSI drive, the MiniScribe 8425S or 8425SA. It has a service life of around 20,000 hours, so most are dead or likely to die soon. It can easily be replaced either new or s/h from an Apple Mac computer which is less than 100 MB and has 50 pin SCSI connector.


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