Emax, Sample Library


Sound Libraries A large sound library for the Emax was developed during the mid – late 1980’s by E-mu Systems and other third parties.

Factory Library E-mu Systems continued developing a high quality sample library for the Emax through out the mid – late 1980’s. Initially they were based on familiar Emulator II sounds, but they also produced a number of completely new sounds (including samples of the new Japanese digital synthesizers- the DX7 and D50). They were $12.95 each.

Then in 1988 they digitally transferred a number of sample banks from the legendary EIII – as the Gold Series (ZD822 – ZD855). These samples range from some of the EIII orchestral samples to new synthesiser sounds. They were originally $15.95 each.

Sadly this entire 160+ diskette library is no longer available from E-mu Systems, BUT you can download some of them from my database for free !!

Emax Samples (32,3 MB)

E-mu Systems Factory Sample Diskette Database

You can find a near complete listing of all the Emax factory samples including the Gold Series.

There are RealSystem previews, and EMX downloads of every sample diskette I have!

Emax Samples (32,3 MB)

The Emax sample downloads are zipped EMX format for the PC. This means the Emax sample diskette has been converted on a PC to a special EMX format, which has then been compressed as a ZIP file. Sorry, this doesn’t work on a Mac !

To use these sample downloads you need a copy of the EMX program for the PC.  It reads
Emax I and Emax II diskettes from a PC diskette drive, and loads the OS and samples to a PC disk drive. It can also write and format Emax diskettes.

Here you can download the program EMXP:

And the EMXP website:


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