Emulator IV, Upgrades and Add Ons

Factory Upgrades The Emu factory still provide a range of upgrades, as the EIV racks were only replaced early in 1999.

e4chip Effects Processor (EIV, e-6400) This card is a high quality 24-bit dual stereo FX processor that adds reverb, delay and ambient effects to the EIV family. The effects include a hall, room, plate, delay, flange and chorus. The card is not well rated by users, and it is recommended for prototyping sounds rather than final sound production (reach for the 224/TC3000). This card needs EOS 2.5 or higher to operate, and it fits into the internal expansion slot. Emu P/N 6311.

All of the Ultra series comes with effect chip and can be updated further with another one.

128 Voices (E4X, e-6400, E4K) An extra 64 voices to achieve 128 in total. If fits on the mainboard. Emu P/N 6910 – $949.

32midi32 Channel MIDI (EIV, E4X, e-600, E4K) The MIDI option card  increases multi-timbral from 16 to 32 channels.  It fits into one of the 3 external expansion slots. Emu P/N 6310 – $199.

16outSixteen Outputs  (EIV, E4X, e-6400) The eight output card increases outputs from 8 to 16 polyphonic balanced outputs. It fits into one of the 3 external expansion slots. Emu P/N 6313 – $795.

Flash ROM  This technology allows EIV samplers running the EOS 3.0 system software to create custom ROM sound banks that are stored permanently inside the sampler for instant access. These ROM sounds can be used simultaneously with the RAM based sounds that are loaded from disk for total integration between RAM and ROM memory. They are expensive at $895 for 8 MB, and $1495 for 16 MB.

Memory Upgrades – Early Models The EIV and e-64 use the early mainboard which takes eight 30 pin SIMM sockets. You can fit pairs of 1/2/4/16 MB up to a maximum of 128 MB. But do not try 8 MB SIMM’s, the Emulator will not recognise them. Memory Upgrades – Later Models The e-6400, E4K and E4X have two 72 pin SIMM sockets which will take any combination of 4, 16 or 64 MB RAM (NOT 8 or 32MB SIMM’s). There are another 2 SIMM slots next to the RAM slots, these take Sound ROM SIMM’s (see below), but only one (ROM slot 1) can be used.Sound ROM  The EIV family can be fitted with one E-Synth or Orbit/Phatt Session 16 MB ROM.

OS Upgrades Although EOS 4.10 is the latest version. EOS 3.0 is no longer available from the E-mu Systems.

Digital I/O (e-6400) This card provides AES/EBU and SPDIF digital ins and outs and an ASCII connector for attaching a keyboard. Emu P/N 6815 – $249.

Hard Disk Mounting Kit This very simple kit enables at internal hard drive to be fitted to the models that do not come with a drive. Emu P/N 6301 (E-64 and e-6400) – $30. Emu P/N 6911 (E4K and E-Synth) – $39.

Utracize The EIV later models cold be upgraded to full Ultra specifications (see the Ultra Specifications), by swapping out the mainboard and back panel at a service centre. The upgrade costs from $995 – 1395. The earlier models can not be cost effectively upgraded – as everything has to be swapped out.


4 thoughts on “Emulator IV, Upgrades and Add Ons

  1. Thank you very much for the info. How much would it cost to only upgrade the processor of a E4K turbo ?

  2. Hi, I recently purchased an E6400 (OS version 4.01) with 128MB of RAM. Somehow after doing some work with presets the machine is now only recognizing 64MB of RAM upon start up. I have tried reseating the RAM to no effect. I also booted up with only one chip in at a time to try to identify if one of the chips was corrupted, but they were both recognized upon boot up. Any ideas? Would updating the OS maybe address this issue?

    • Sounds like there is something wrong with one of the memories.
      Try carefully removing both of them and re-inserting them.
      But be careful, so you don’t damage anything.

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