Sound card etc.

Audio Interface etc.

I’ve tried both soundcard and MIDI interface
My conclusion was that Emu Systems’ products was the most reliable and best resolution compared to other manufacturers.
But unfortunately, Creative Systems has not released any drivers for Windows 10. However, I did not get the ESI midi4u or M-Audio Midisport work as well as Emu 2×2 MIDI interface.
The Scarlett 18i6 were not reliable and had less resolution compared against Emu TrackerPre

Sound card

I did sold my Scarlett 18i6 and replaced it  temporarily with an emu 0204 soundcard.
I have previously had an Emu TrackerPre and thinkEmu system’s sound card is more reliable.

Nowadays I use Steinberg UR242 audio interface.
But the plan to get me a USB mixer, such as Yamaha MG12XU or similar.


USB MIDI interface

The USB MIDI interface I use is E-MU’s Xmidi 2×2 and a Miditech 4×4 midiface.
I have tested several different MIDI interface and have come up that E-MU’s Xmidi is one of the most reliable MIDI interfaces.


USB MIDI Keyboard

I control everything, both soft- and hardware with an E-mu Xboard 61.
The Xboard 61 has got 61 keys with after touch and 16 knobs. The 16 knobs have 16 possible setups.



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