Isolate headphones

The type of headphones that prevent sound ye not leaking into are plentiful and include almost all closed headphones. However, it’s much harder to find headphones that do not leak out sound. Most headphones leak sound more or less.
To minimize the risk of leakage when you want to record a song or somehow use a microphone you should use closed headphones. To reduce the leakage even further, one can mod the headphones with foam rubber or fabric etc.

How to isolate headphone

To understand this better, one can say that the headphones consists of
Headband, Housing, Headphone unit consisting of Frame and Driver and ear pads.

What you need to isolate a set of headphones are:

1. Screwdriver
2. Any suitable material to isolate with, eg fabric . I am using fabric and adhesive filter mat.
3. Scissors
4. Headphones 😉


How to mod

1. Start by taking apart the headphones by removing the padding around the earphones and l unscrew the screws.


2. After you release the screws, remove and gently pull apart the Frame and the Driver, Headphone unit, from the Housing part. The speakers are connected by cord through the Headband and the Housing. It is, therefore, important to pulling them apart gently.

3. Form the insulation material so that will fit in the Housing, and put insulation in the Housing.

4. Align the screw holes in the Housing and the Headphone unit to fit against each other and screw the headphones.

5. Assemble the padding around the headphones again.


6. Finished and ready to be tested


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