DSI Tetra

DSI Tetra
Dave Smith Instruments Tetra is a four-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer.
I get this because I wanted a new synthesizer which was analogue, and stood up to the requirements that you may need when working with both software and hardware.


• Multitimbral four-voice analog synthesizer
• 100% analog signal path
• Two oscillators per voice (sawtooth, triangle, saw/triangle, square with variable pulse width) with hard sync
• White noise generator
• One classic Curtis low-pass filter (switchable 2- or 4-pole) per voice, self-oscillating in 4-pole mode
• Analog VCAs
• Three envelope generators (ADSR plus delay) per voice
• Four LFOs per voice
• Two sub-octave generators (one octave down and two octaves down) per voice
• Feedback loop per voice with programmable level and gain
• Four assignable performance controls per program
• Gated 16 x 4 step sequencer (one sequence per program)
• Arpeggiator
• Fully programmable (free downloadable software editor for Mac OS and Windows)
• 512 programs organized into four banks of 128; 128 combos
• I/O: USB 2.0 (type B receptacle), MIDI In, MIDI Out/Thru, Poly Chain Out, Audio Outs 1/Left, 2/Right, 3, and 4 (1/4″ unbalanced), 1/4″ Headphone Out


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