Ensoniq ESQ-1

Overall I have owned 4 ESQ-1’s over the years. The ESQ-1 is the synthesizer, according to me, that Ensoniq has succeeded with. No other one has come up to the same level.

ESQ-1 and SQ80 is a synthesizers that deserves more attention. They sound absolutely fantastic and it’s multitimbral.

• 8 voices polyphony
• 3 oscillators digital oscillators, 32 waveforms
• 3 LFOs per voice; triangle, saw, square, random
• 4-pole analog resonant filter with 6-stage envelope
• 4 VCA + 4 Envelopes with 7 parameters per voice
• 8-Track sequencer
• Keyboard – 61 note (velocity)
• Memory – 40 patches, 80 extra with an expansion card
• 8-parts mutitimbral
• Date Produced – 1986 – 1988

A sound example of how the ESQ1 sounds like:


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