Roland MC303

Roland MC303 Groovebox
Drum machine / rhythm composer

I got myself the MC303 when I wanted an all-round synth focusing on drums.

The Roland MC 303, many have described as a joke. I do not think it’s quite that bad. It fulfills its purpose as a Goovebox and I also find it difficult to see it as a real synthesizer. It has everything that a Groovebox from Roland should have, for example, the TB303, SH101 basses and drum sounds from the TR808 and TR909.
It has a pretty useful Sequencers, 8-track, 7 of these can be used with external MIDI devices.
If you want to criticize the MC303 is that the MIDI channels are locked to the tracks, ie track 1 is locked to MIDI channel 1 and so on.
• 28 voices of polyphony
• 448 types of sound
• 12 Drum Sets
• 16 part multitimbral
• Effects – Reverb, delay, chorus and flange
• Arpeg/Seq – Sequencer : 8 tracks, 10 songs, 120 preset & 50 user patterns. Arpeg: 200 RPS phrases
• Keyboard – 12 buttons
• MIDI – in and out
• Date Produced – 1996


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