Waldorf Q

Waldorf Q
VA synthesizer

I looked at many different VA synths which was “hands on” synth. I fell for Waldorf Q. A very inspired synth that you can make the most with when it comes to electronic sounds.


• 16 voices polyphony
• 3 oscillators per voice (sawtooth, triangle, sine, PWM, new oscillator algorithms, waves and a noise generator)
• Maximum of 400 single programs and 110 multi programs
• Two 12dB/24dB Filters (Low pass, band pass, hi pass, notch, comb, ring mod and more; FM and distortion)
• 4 VCA envelopes (ADSR with loop and one shot function, bipolar)
• 61 notes keyboard (velocity and aftertouch)
• Arpeg/Seq – Arpeggiator: Many user patterns (accents, timing, swing, glide, chords and more); Sequencer: 100 user patterns; 32 steps per pattern, polyphonic

Sound examples made by me (NON-73)


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